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A Series Air Filters

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Depending on your application, oil aerosols and small particles of dust and other contaminants can pass through your process line, causing complications downstream. DV Systems’ comprehensive line of filters effectively remove up to 99.9% of these impurities, enhancing system performance and reducing downtime.

Filter Housings are designed to hold any of our filter cartridge types, ranging from coarse (3 micron pre-filters) to ultra fine, oil removal filters (0.008 mg/m3).

Heavy gauge Aluminum Filter Housings are engineered for easy assembly & disassembly, simplifying filter change-over and maintenance.

All filter cartridges and canisters feature bayonet-type mounting.


  • High Effective Filtration Area
  • High Holding Capacity
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Easy & Secure Installation of Filter Elements (Bayonet Type Mounting)
  • Versatility in Use: 4 Types of Elements available for all Housing sizes
  • Reduced Turbulence with Rounded Interior Design
  • Chrome-Phosphate Treated for Corrosion Resistance

    Types of Filter Elements

  • S Series Pre-Filters – 3 micron Coalescing Separator Filters
  • A Series Air Line Filters – 1 micron Coalescing Separator Filters
  • E Series High Efficiency Oil Removal Filters – 0.01 micron Coalescing Separator Filters
  • V Series Oil Vapor Removal Filters – Activated Carbon Filters
  • Y Series Condensate Separators
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S Series Pre-Filters

3 Micron (um) coalescing filter with new acrylic fiber & cellulose filter media resulting in cleaner compressed air, and polyester & stainless steel support media, promoting durability in use and an extended useful-life. Removes large liquid loads and particles 3 um in size or larger. Class 6, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used downstream of the aftercooler or point-of-use filter, where heavy liquid loads are expected, i.e air systems without aftercoolers or dryers.


A Series Air Filters

1 Micron (um) mechanical coalescing filter removes all liquid water, oil aerosols and solid particles 1 um and larger. Class 2, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used as a general filter for shop air, a prefilter for high efficiency filters, an afterfilter for pressure-swing desiccant dryers, and a point-of-use filter on systems utilizing aftercoolers and/or dryers.

A filters

E series High Efficiency Oil Removal Filters

0.01 Micron (um) mechanical coalescing filters remove 99.99+% of oil aerosols, resulting in virtually oil free air. Class 1, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil free air for painting (spray & powder), molding for plastics, instrumentation and controls, fluid logic and air bearings.

E filters

V Series Oil Vapor Removal Filters

Activated carbon adsorbent filter removes oil vapor and odor. Class 1, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used in food and drug packaging where compressed air contacts product, deodorizing air exhausted into worker environments, etc.


Y Series – Condensate Separators

Cyclone elements used as a first stage condensate separator to reduce an air dryer’s workload.

Y Series filters