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DF Series Air Filters

DF Series Air Filters



DF Series compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. DF-series filters assure your compressed air system delivers clean, high-quality air throughout your facility.

Maintaining a low pressure drop on all compressed air components is critical for an energy-efficient system. DV Systems’ DF Series filters have been engineered to deliver low pressure drop throughout the life of the filter element.

An all-aluminum, precision die cast body is suitable for high temperature (100º C/212ºF) and high pressure (290 PSI) applications. A proprietary coating applied to the inside and outside surfaces provides corrosion protection in harsh industrial environments. All canisters are CRN registered.

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  • High Effective Filtration Area
  • High Holding Capacity
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Easy & Secure Installation of Filter Elements
  • No Touch Filter Element with Visual Alignment
  • Versatility in Use: 4 Types of Cartridges Available for all Canisters
  • CRN Registered Canisters

    Types of Filter Elements

  • A Series Air Line Filter – 1 micron (µm) mechanical coalescing filter
  • P Series Pre-Filters – 0.1 micron (µm) coalescing filter
  • E Series High Efficiency Oil Removal Filters – 0.01 micron Coalescing Separator Filters
  • V Series Oil Vapor Removal Filters – Activated Carbon Filters
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A Series air line filter

1 micron (µm) mechanical coalescing filter removes all liquid water, oil aerosols and solid particles 1 um and larger. Class 2, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used as a general filter for shop air, a prefilter for high efficiency filters, an afterfilter for pressure-swing desiccant dryers, and a point-of-use filter on systems utilizing aftercoolers and/or dryers.

A filters

P Series Pre-Filters

0.1 micron (µm) coalescing filter with new synthetic filter media results in cleaner compressed air and its polyester & stainless steel support media promotes durability in use and an extended useful-life. Removes large liquid loads and particles 0.1 um in size or larger. Class 2, ISO 8573-1

P filters

E series High Efficiency Oil Removal Filters

0.01 micron (µm) mechanical coalescing filters remove 99.99+% of oil aerosols, resulting in virtually Class 1, ISO 8573-1 oil-free air.

Applications: Used with oil-lubricated compressors to produce oil free air for painting (spray & powder), molding for plastics, instrumentation and controls, fluid logic and air bearings.

E filters

V Series Oil Vapor Removal Filters

Activated carbon adsorbent filter removes oil vapor and odor. Class 1, ISO 8573-1

Applications: Used in food and drug packaging where compressed air contacts product, deodorizing air exhausted into worker environments, etc.