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CSC300 Controller

The web-enabled CSC 300 effectively manages, monitors and maintains optimal operational parameters to ensure stable system pressure and reliable operation of DV Systems’ rotary screw compressors.

Internal system control enables up to 8 air compressors to be sequenced, optimizing system performance and efficiency.

The CSC 300 is available with an optional ethernet card, enabling remote system control from any location with a web-enabled browser, and
The CSC 300‘s advanced power monitoring software allows main drive motor protection and also features various fault protection parameters, such as: overload protection, motor starts per hour limit, start inhibit fault, run inhibit fault, alarm fault, phase sequence detect, rotor lock and shutdown fault.

Operational parameters include: unload pressure, load pressure, main motor start sequence, current draw display, load delay timer, reload delay time, blowdown timer, standby run-on-time, stop run-on-time, started state, running state and loaded state.

    Control & Communication

  • Remote Stop/Start Operation
  • Real-Time Clock with Advanced Run Schedule
  • Sequencing Control Up to 8 Compressors
  • Web-Enabled System Control Optional
  • Configurable Digital Inputs Optional
  • 8 Relay Outputs 4 configurable
  • Current (Amperage) Draw Display
  • Remote Fault Signals and Power Failure Restart Capabilities
  • Service Maintenance Reminder
  • Drive Compatibility

  • Variable Speed Drive Optional
  • Soft-Start Drive Optional
  • Advanced Motor & Phase Protection

  • Rotor Lock Protection
  • Motor stops if starting current (A) is too low.
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Equivalent to trip class 10A.
  • Undercurrent Protection
  • Checks for current sensor fault or wiring fault.