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System Audits

Data Loggers

In today’s increasingly competitive manufacturing arena, it’s essential for compressed air auditing to be accurate and extremely reliable if operating efficiencies are to be understood and maximized.

Streamlining data collection, improving analysis

DV data loggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store data at high frequency from aound the compressed air system. This data is then wirelessly transferred from DV data loggers to a single DV Base station which in turn transfers it via the internet to our secure servers.
Using a regular internet browser, users can access and interrogate data using intuitive ‘Wizards’ to chart and graph data as well as simulate before and after equipment energy and cost payback scenarions before finally using the publishing tools to report both results and future recommendations.

Quality control

As a respected, market-leading analytics provider, we work in accordance with the most exacting industry standards and employ stringent quality assurance procedures throughout our organization.

State of the art testing

Furthermore, we subject all hardware to rigorous and exhaustive testing and thoroughly beta test all software products before they are released.


DV LOGbase base station provides users with a ‘PC free’ solution for the handling of data between the cloud computing environment and DV data loggers

DV LOGger Current and Volts

DV data logger for measuring current, volts and true power from 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hz AC power supply cables. Capable of measuring voltage to 700V and Amps to 800 Amps

DV LOGger Pressure (0 – 232 psi), (0- 16 Bar)

Data logger for measuring pressure. Capable of measuring pressure to 16 bar g (232 psi)

DV LOGger Flow

Data logger for measuring flow. Capable of measuring flow to 185m/sec (607ft/sec) with a measuring range spanning 65mm (2½”) to 300mm (12″) inner pipe diameters

DV LOGger temperature

Data logger for measuring temperature. Capable of measuring temperature from -50°C to +200°C