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Energy Efficiency with Variable Speed Drives

VSD vs. Full Voltage Start Current Chart

DV Systems’ Variable Speed Drive maximizes energy efficiency by constantly aligning energy use with air demand, adjusting motor speed to provide optimum performance and reliability. Delivering maximum operating flexibility with efficient full and part load performance, VSD units are ideal for applications with fluctuating air demand, or where operating conditions are non-constant.

Eliminates Artificial Demand

The VSD’s Pressure Tracking controls ensure that energy-use is optimized by producing only as much air as is needed at set pressure, avoiding artificial demand. The cost of over-pressurization is eliminated by tracking pressure multiple times each second. Each 2 PSI of increased pressure results in a 1% increase in power consumption.

Eliminating In-Rush Current Spikes

The Variable Speed Drive starts the motor with a gradual speed increase, eliminating amperage surges and in-rush current spikes on start-up, preventing damage to the power system, and further contributing to the overall energy-efficiency of operation.


The VSD also integrates numerous power monitoring and fault protection technologies, such as: Integrated EMC filter, line reactor, phase loss and overload protection.

Enhanced LCD Control Solution

Equipped with CSC Series Controllers, featuring the option of sequencing up to 8 compressors, optimizing system performance & efficiency.